Saturday, September 29, 2012

The beginning of the Talsark Wars

For those of you familiar with the original Zooniverse series, the Talsark Wars may ring a bell. I always intended to reveal what the wars were about, but never had the chance.
Now in my latest animation I can at least introduce how it all began. See it here!

A Talsark Temple priest educates a tender young Supplelicant. A still from the animation
The Talsark Wars are an old idea so I'm glad to finally have it in existence.  Basically I wanted to invent a ridiculously stupid reason for starting a war and decided to make it over a pencil. The more established and historically rich Inner Rimworlds and the crassly resource rich Outer Rimworlds were basically itching to fight each other over something and the apparent theft of a pencil was all that was needed to set it off. In truth Poader Glister just put it absent mindedly in his pocket. As you do.
Poader Glister, from my sketch book for the movie version of Zooniverse I was working on in LA
Poader Glister is an aging pop star from the Outer Rmworlds, he was doing a quick flit of the Inner Rimworlds tourist attractions, mainly for publicity. He just happen to inadvertently start a war. Poader represents all that the Inner Rimworld inhabitants hate about the Outies, he's tacky, rich and cultureless. I had a lot of fun creating him.
Rough sketch for the animation
 Helen and I are currently in the last two weeks of a Government sanctioned Business Course (NEIS). It has been grueling to say the least, it's eating so badly into our creative work time that I barely got this month's loop done. However I was able to knock out some character designs in class, yes I can draw and listen!

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