Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Birthbone

The Birthbone is a tree like structure that runs the length of the Zooniverse and is the source of all planets and suns which grow like boils on it's surface as eggs. After hatching the protective membrane shell breaks off, or absorbed, and the infant planet bursts into life, or the proto-sun ignites for the first time. The Birthbone concept is a very old idea that I've always wanted to explain in more detail, my latest animation on LoopDeLoop serves as a basic introduction to it's workings.

The Birthbone. A still from the animated short 2012.
The first reference to the Birthbone in print was in issue six of the mini-series. I've reworked this panel to give you a taste of how I want to recolor the original series digitally and republish it as a collected book. No publishers are interested yet.

A panel from the Zooniverse comic series 1987
In the above panel you can clearly see baby planets forming on the surface of the Birthbone. The panel below was from the first page of the follow up book Age Old Enemies, that was unpublished. Here you can see a boil being formed on the lower right branch. I'm still coloring this page, but I'll show you what I have so far. French publisher Guy Delcourt was in possession of the original line art which I left with him in good faith as I hoped he would be publishing the book. Unfortunately I only have a photocopy to work from. I'm assuming the original art has been long discarded.

An unpublished panel from Age Old Enemies 1991