Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zoonimini's for SALE!

I've been working on the next wave of Zooniverse comics, but before we get into that....

You can buy Zooniverse comics directly from me!
See details here
or email me through my company

Internationally the cost for both issues is $20.50 US Dollars which includes postage in a padded bag. (within Australia the cost is $15). There are 30 issues left and I will sign and draw a tiny original zoon on every one. I also will Art Bless (TM) each copy with my creative fingerpalps as I pack it lovingly into it's bed of transportation bubbles.

If you just want a single issue the international price is $14.20 US Dollars ($8.50 within Australia).

You can own these!!

Now if you wish, for an extra $12 USD ($10 within Australia), I will also include an Original Zoon Sketch for you to own and care for!

An Original Zoon Sketch
Email me at and let me know what you wish to purchase and I will reply with a Paypal Payment Request. Once I receive the payment I will send out your package. Simple.

I should also add that my publications won't be available in stores, only through my company, and that they are limited print runs, so this is the only way to purchase them. Your money goes straight into the production of the next issue, and is greatly appreciated!