Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Downloadable Zooniverse Comics!

Over the last few years I've been searching for a way to make my comics available for download. Here's the best solution so far, it's nice and simple itch.io. You can choose your own amount to buy starting at $1+, and I can set their percentage for hosting, 10% seems fair to me.


Buy it below or click on the image above.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Zooniverse at Image Comics

When working on projects I prefer to stay quiet until everything is officially announced, a habit I picked from decades of working in Hollywood. This is one announcement that I've been holding my breath for, now I can finally talk about it ...

At the 2015 Image Expo, Brandon Graham and Emma Rios revealed that Island Magazine will begin it's ongoing publication this year!
[Read more about it here
Promo for Island, a comic magazine. Click to enlarge
The line up of artists and stories is impressive, it's an exciting project and one that I'm immensely proud to be a part of. The Magazine will be a larger format (Heavy Metal magazine size) than the regular US comic and my original 1986 Zooniverse story will begins it's run in about six months. Give or take.

Here is a look at the panel that was included in the middle top of Brandon's promo above. I'll be recoloring the whole series and finally do justice to the old art.
A panel from the 1986 Zooniverse comic digitally recolored.
Now where does that leave my self published Zooniminis? I'm still publishing them, I'm currently up to issue #4 and I intend to keep going as artwork is completed for Island. I love the format. I have to decide whether I publish them in black and white to complete the run or print exclusively in color once my stock is sold out. Which is considerably more expensive.

Which brings me to my Patreon account. It's like a tip jar, tip me as little as $1 a month and you will have access to my creative world. I have completely committed to comic work, I don't have a day job, this is my only source of income and it doesn't pay well, in fact it's like living on a knife's edge. But it means that I'm always doing something interesting, every day and you will be part of an exclusive club, my patrons get to see work no one else will have access to. Plus you'll have a  ring side seat  on all of the projects that I'm working on, with 8house: Yorris and Zooniverse due out later in the year, what could be more enticing.