Sunday, March 25, 2012

Liquid Information

Mere hours ago I completed the third Zooniverse animation. It explains a little more about Liquid Information, the way that data is transferred in the Zooniverse. I've incorporated images that I've had banging around in my folders for a while now that were prepared for Age old Enemies. It's really gratifying not only to see them in color but also to see them move.

Coasting along a tranquil sea of data at the Halls Of Record. Still from the animated short.
Here is the original art I worked from, I followed it as closely as possible. This page was one of a few that revisited the Halls Of Record, the artificial planet that was made by the mono-sex race of women called the Shadan. One of the original four mother races who created the Plastoids, synthetic male counterparts which include Spak and Entox from the Kren patrol. Three thousand years years later the Shadan have renounced the mere concept that they ever needed male counterparts.

Original unpublished art from Age Old Enemies. Ink, brush and nib.