Sunday, June 10, 2012

Preparation for war

The latest animation has been posted on Loop De Loop for the theme "one".
For this loop I've returned to the Spirit Realm focusing on the behind the scenes preparations for the Talsark Wars. Soulbeings wishing to experience combat are congregating around the Gatherers. Two opposing sides have been created for the conflict, the older and more historic planets of the Inner Rimworlds verses the younger and wealthier Outer Rimworld planets. The twin Gatherers are ancient beings who rally souls for incarnation, they are neutral and care little for the outcome of the conflict ahead. The Gatherers only concern is to attract participants to the correct side before incarnation.

The Outer Rimworld Gatherer calls for Incarnates. Reworked from the animation assets.
Tensions and ill-content have been building up for the last few hundred years between the Inner and Outer Rimworld who are now about to erupt into multiplanetary conflict. These coarse emotions have been carefully fostered by the poisonous whirlpool of hatred fed by the Warweavers who mindlessly do the bidding of "The Empty". The Warweavers are transformers stepping down the will of The Empty knitting it into the fabric of the Zooniverse' Spirit Realm. These unintelligible beings originated from beyond the Zooniverse. Their whirlpool draws unwary soulbeings into their influence. These soulbeings incarnate bringing the poison to the Physical Realm, often lusting for power and fostering greed they become liars and misguiders seeking positions that hold the greatest influence over the masses.

The War Weavers do the bidding of "The Empty". Reworked from the animation assets.
War is nothing new to the Zooniverse, and many Soulbeings have killed and murdered for their various causes in past incarnations. These beings have become burdened with painful Karmabunkles and Lymphets which are molluscs native to the Spirit Realm that feed off negativity adhering to the bodyform of beings who have acted destructively towards other Zoons during incarnation. The burden of these feeding molluscs add up over life experiences to the point that multitudes of souls are weighed down, unable to move without pain.

Sketch of a Spiritbeing inflicted with Karmabunkles and Lymphets.

To remove their invertebrate burdens these souls need to balance each selfish destructive and hateful act with ones of sacrifice and love, which the molluscs dislike and detach. One way is to offer themselves as innocent victims in the upcoming wars, where the deed they did to another Zoon will be done to them. The Gatherer of Victims is the where they congregate to prepare for their life of sacrifice. 
The Gatherer of Victims. Reworked still from the 'One' animation.
The Mother Gatherer is not shown, but souls wishing to dedicate their incarnation to help build up the populations for all the participants in the wars will join her call. This path is viewed as one of the higher devotional sacrifices.

Observing the whole parade of souls choosing their roles for the conflict are Lokki and Alia. They are already incarnated at this point, but while their bodies sleep, they return to their true form to assess what is to come. Lokki is concerned that such a vast spectacle can be halted by his own actions. He is the only Zoon who is destined to stop the war.

Lokki and Alia ponder the future. Still from the 'One' animation.
These well respected souls have yet to meet in the Physical Realm, but they will fall in love as they have done before, marry and join the Pacifist Army as the Kren Patrol.


  1. These animations are great! I'm amazed at how you've managed to sleamlessly merge your comic style into the animation.

    I've just finished reading your blog and it really is a shame you've not been able to get all these great ideas into comic series. The world is poorer for it.

    I suppose you've approached Gestalt?

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. I am working hard to make up for lost time. Linking animation with comics is an unexpected direction and I am thrilled to have Zooniverse realized in both formats.

    Milk Shadow Books have stepped up to the plate and will be publishing our first comic in the next month. We plan to to republish all of the old work and new stuff. I'm very grateful for their support!

    I have learned that I too have been poorer for not realizing my full artistic potential. Each animation helps me gain confidence as I blend old ideas with new revelations. This is the right time for me to be doing this work, all I can offer is that we will take interesting journey together!

  3. Beautiful designs on these Fil

    1. Thanks Lachlan thanks for the link on your blog and good luck with your 20th book!

  4. I'm so glad to hear Milk Shadow has stepped up, James Andre is a great guy and I reckon you'll do well with him. I'm going to be re releasing some old stuff with him too - and some new stuff.

    1. Excellent, yes they are a great bunch of guys. we'll probably bump into each other at the proposed meeting.